The app Eat24’s most recent case study has come up with a unique way to advertise their brand. They have chosen to advertise their app on adult websites. The reason for this? Because no other other mainstream brands want anything to do with the shadier part of the internet, yet the traffic numbers for these websites are through the roof. The idea behind this is that the advertising space on porn websites is relatively cheap, and when a start up company doesn’t have the funds to pay for an expensive website like YouTube or Facebook, they chose to go to the other most searched websites on the internet. The way Eat24 has gone about this is by making the ads they display on these sites match the content. For example, they will display a picture of a sub with the caption “I want to be inside you”. Now to the politically correct, this ad would be considered “raunchy”, but the creative team behind Eat24 has decided that it would fit perfectly with the ads usually displayed on these sites.  A like to both the study and the ad week report are above.

Mac Robertson

Lem Doss